Gardens and growth

campics 150 I do not have a green thumb. Gardening for me has more to do with luck than skill- as does my cooking. When I went to the store to buy some Sage, I nearly choked seeing the cost for a tiny jar as much as $4.50! I figured it couldn’t hurt to try growing my own.

My little Sage plant is now three inches high.

Emboldened by this unexpected success, I’d like to try my hand at a few other herbs, and transplant them outside in the back yard.

Being the season of planting, the analogy of growth and success is best illustrated with the efforts of gardening. Ignore your goals, and they shrivel up and die. Water them, shower them with attention, and give them a nudge here and there, and you’ll see your efforts come to fruition.

Or not.

Sometimes, goals are not meant to be. Drought, pests, and in some cases, a fat cat likes to lie in the garden, flattening out plants or even eating them….ok, the cat part wasn’t an analogy. My cat, Max, loves the flower bed that has a small fence to keep the dog away from him. Its perfect for him to curl up in the sun and enjoy a long nap.

I’ve also found you can plant something, and instead of the plant I intended, I might have some wildflowers take up residence. Sometimes our goals, too, may not be the best idea if something else offers an opportunity.


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