Solitary Sabbats

1281437477221264  Being I’ve circled as both Solitary and as a coven member, Sabbat seem awfully quiet for me now. Where I looked forward to large potluck feasts, group songs, dance, and fun coven games at the pagan holidays, I find it difficult to muster holiday cheer to even cast circle for myself.

Sabbats become contemplative holidays, to do certain practices with mindfulness, and rarely do I cast circle.

This Beltane, however, I’m gathering members of my Wiccan meetup to celebrate Beltane with a dinner and ritual. I prefer unorthodox circles, promoting laughter and the true spirit of celebration. Venues to cast circle are few and far between, but we’ll manage something in my house. I also have a firepit so we can burn a small wicker figure with our intentions for the season of growth.

Some ideas we planned:

A feast to share in the bounty of spring. You can also form a picnic, cookout, or something unusual like a tea or marshmallow roost. I’m not a traditionalist myself, and I’ve read one person’s idea on Yahoo Answers to use spicy foods to celebrate this ‘fire’ festival. Get it? Fire = spicy? I thought it was a cool, thinking-outside-the-box idea.

Windcatchers infused with an oil of your choice and your intentions, offers a lovely decor for your porch. Every time the wind blows, your intentions gets carried on the breeze.

Make a mini-maypole. What’s so funny with full sized maypoles is that I’ve never once seem a maypole dance run smoothly. I think it serves to remind everyone of the Chaos that is spring. The maypole also reminds us of the male aspect of life, the spark, and masculine divine.

Make birdfeeders or other offerings for wild animals. Imbue with your wishes and leave them out for your forest friends to find. Pinecone birdfeeder, or easy cereal-based feeder are easy to make and great for people of all ages.

Build fairy houses. Beltane, like Samhain (October 31) is a time when the Veil between the worlds of mortals and the spirits is thinnest.

Use your imagination and embrace the spirit of Spring celebration. Plant seeds, do spring cleaning, cleanse altar items, or form any number of new Beltane traditions.


2 responses to “Solitary Sabbats

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  2. Great Post 😀
    thought you might enjoy my Beltane Blessing machinima film

    Bright Blessings
    elf ~

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