b65d844f958ca5ffdee8c55eaeceb46462edf5e5Meditation is crucial for spiritual development, in understanding ourselves as well as providing a ton of health benefits.

Meditation lowers blood pressure, decreases depression, increases dopamine in the brain, and helps promote a good night’s rest.

What is meditation? I think most people think meditation is sitting for a length of time with their minds empty of thought. That is one form of meditation, while others provide a focus for a mantra, prayer, or chant while focusing on something such as a need, peace of mind, or something simple like a cloud or lit candle.

Walking meditation includes practices such as Tai Chi, Qigong, and walking a labyrinth. You can also just take a stroll and be mindful of your breath and each step.

What if you do it wrong? Meditation doesn’t require perfection. Sometimes it’s the effort to practice and learn the techniques that offer insight. We’re all ‘works in progress’ and like any skill, it will take time to master.

In the meantime, enjoy some quiet time, listen to music, let your thoughts drift like clouds in the sky, and say a prayer/chant each day.

Here are some links to help you learn more about this:

Meditation (Holistic Online)- very informative page on the benefits and different types of meditation.

Learning Meditation– provides information and samples of meditation that is easy to follow.

Online meditation timers:

Meditation timers

Meditation timer (you can personalize)


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