Cleansing of body and spirit

You might find yourself feeling bad such as sick or depressed. Sometimes a dietary fast not only helps clean your body of toxins, but offers a way to shift into another state of being.

Everyone is familiar with fasting. You do it every night, breaking that fast with a morning meal known as ‘break-fast’. A fast simply means abstaining from eating and/or drink for a period of time.

Bear in mind that fasting to lose weight works against that goal! Fasting can lower your metabolism and the body shifts to keeping every calorie and ounce of fat in self preservation.

Fasting for spiritual benefits, however, can include complete fasting from food or simply abstaining from specific foods such as processed foods, meat, sugar, coffee, etc.

Reasons to fast vary from health benefits to reaching an alternate state of consciousness. Fasting can also be a cleansing process.

Do I fast? Not often, but I will abstain from sugar and processed foods when I start feeling depressed or agitating over little things.

Many religions practice fasting such as the Muslim Ramadan or the Catholic Lent. You also fast if you need surgery (to make sure the stomach is empty), or expected to fast before a blood glucose test.

There are health benefit as well as spiritual benefits, but as with many things in Life, it can go to the extreme.

I would suggest before taking on a fast to read extensively on the subject. Remember the brain requires food (to form glucose that the brain requires to function), and some fasts can damage the organs.

Here are some tips on fasting:


Fasting- Wikipedia

Ten Tips on Fasting- Beliefnet


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