Burdens and release


When celebrating the last sabbat of Beltane, I challenged my friends to find a rock that represents the burden in their lives and to carry it until the next moon cycle. The point was to illustrate that those burdens of fear, anger, jealousy, etc often hinder us more than we think without even being aware of it.

Carrying the stones allows us to be mindful of that.

So last night, at new Moon, we named our burdens, discussed how it affected us, how we might overcome that burden, and how to replace that burden with something positive.

For instance, fear would be replaced with courage (not the lack of fear, but facing that fear). Hating a job could be replaced with finding another job or working with what you have. Being unhappy with a relationship also offers the challenge of ending it or to find a way to work through your problems. Its important to be ‘solution oriented’. Don’t wallow- find a solution to your problem.

IMG_0408.JPGWe walked down to the river and saying good bye to our burdens, we cast them into the water. (while getting eaten by mosquitoes). I then presented them with wire wrapped pendants I made for each of them, to help them replace those burdens. I even got myself a Red Tiger-eye for courage and energy.

Then we walked back to my house and chatted for a while.

IMG_0410Later, after my friends left and I readied for bed, I went outside to use my Skyview app (which is free) on my Iphone and it picked up the eclipse. Even though I couldn’t actually see the event, it was very cool to see my app pick upon the fact it was happening.

Consider what burdens you. What holds you back from being a better person or making life worthwhile? Do you need to replace it or remove it?


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