What goes in a Book of Shadows?

bos01Some of you might be curious as to what  you should add to your book of shadows in a way of organizing the page. As a person who has issue with her organizational skills, I can tell you this is the main reason for a 3-ring binder preference over the typical bound blank journals.

I like the freedom of moving pages and making changes as I change. So here are some of the sections I would suggest;

An index page– Write down the sections and what each section will include, leaving a few blank spaces to add as you go through your spiritual journal.

Goals– A section should include that which you hope to attain in the coming months and years, with ideas and possible solutions to problems you want to solve.

The Wiccan Rede, Charge of the Goddess (and God), 13 principles of Wiccan belief, and any other pertinent information of basics to your belief and tradition you follow.

Rituals– Both Sabbats (solar) and Esbat (moon) rituals should be added as well as rituals for self dedication, self initiation, and outlines for how you cast circle and your understanding as to why you practice the way you do. Include a Wheel of the Year, and chart of the lunar moon cycles for the year.

Meditations include divination such as Tarot readings, IChing, Runes, and other methods used for insight. You should also include a journal of your mediation stating the purpose and the outcome of each session. You can add notes to the cycle of the moon and stars as well to see if patterns develop in your moods. You can also add a section to keep a dream journal.

Resources– This includes charts to stones, herbs, supplies, a reading list, and anything else you find helpful in your studies.

Spells– This section can include prayers, invocations, chants, visualization techniques, and the plethora of spells you’ve worked, with added notes to the results of each. You should also add pages on your personal thoughts of what magick is, how it works, and what you’ve learned about it.

Recipes vary from craft related recipes such as Salt dough to make pendants or altar items, to food recipes for your rituals and celebrations.

Remember that is no rules or regulations to organizing your Book of Shadows. It’s a reflection of your personal beliefs and becomes your tool for personal use.



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