Skyclad- nudity in circles

There are traditions in Wicca, such as the Alexandrian tradition, that conduct rituals skyclad. Skyclad simply means nude, with the idea being it strips members of title, adornment, and anything that marks them as anything as equal amid their peers.

I’ve done skyclad without feeling the shame I find other folk illustrate, and I can only say it was a time before I had a son and I didn’t have the added weight. I wasn’t fit, but I didn’t feel ugly or shamed.

I did, however, discover very quickly the reason we wear clothing is practical. Sitting on bare ground or bare grass itches. I put on a skirt and felt comfortable. Even then, the inevitable bouncing, as a woman, had me wearing a sports bra as well.

I prefer comfort over fashion…or lack thereof. I already understand that within a circle, I stand amid my peers and we are all equal in the eyes of the gods.

So when the women in my coven suggested we perform an outside, skyclad ritual in September, I cringed. I was the only member who actually did this before, and upon hearing the giggles and obvious discomfort some of the women had, I wasn’t keen on doing it for kicks. “There’s a reason for clothing” I pointed out to them, “Especially in September”.

I felt more uncomfortable being the others were so obviously not keen on being naked, but two of the women were pressuring them into it. I continually stood my ground by saying “Never do anything you feel uncomfortable with doing.”

Thankfully, the skyclad ritual never panned out. In fact, whatever ritual they wanted to do seemed to focus only on being naked, which is a terrible reason to have ritual, in my humble opinion. I feel that would’ve led only to further embarrassment and discomfort of the members involved.

I stand by that to this day. Spirituality is between you and the gods, and they don’t care if you’re dressed or not. What is important is what lies in your heart, and you grow spirituality into the best YOU that you can be.

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