Tuesday Tip

devotionalI’m also starting a Tuesday Tip series that will include any handy tips that are pagan related. Today’s tip has to do with daily prayers.

As pagans, many do not feel the compulsion of doing anything that doesn’t feel right in their heart. The need to pray daily might not touch your heart as for others.

As A.J. Jacobs, author of Living Biblically, discovered that by following the rules, whether you believe in them or that, adds a level of spiritualism to your life. He said, “I’ve started to look at life differently”. (His books are funny and just amazing.)

This inspired me to start saying a morning prayer each morning. It provides me a moment of the day, setting off the day in fact, by stating what I hope to see in my life.

I also decided to start saying Grace before eating. I, of course, would give thanks to the Goddess and the God, while my husband (who is Lutheran) might give thinks to God. My son could simply say he’s thankful for the food before him.

Other aspects of life, I try to be mindful of; a moment in the day to be thankful of my family, the health of my pets, how thankful and amazing I am for my friends, and so on.

Try it for a week and see if you feel/see any changes.


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