Friday Fun- Frugality

administrative_fee_dollar_signAlthough many items and tools of the craft can get expensive and fancy, I wanted to let folks understand that religion should never cost a thing.

Ultimately, your spirituality is between yourself and the Divine (however you define the Divine). You do not need anything but yourself to commune with nature, and even casting circle can be done without any props at all.

The props (tools) are used to assist getting in the right frame of mind. If you think you need tools, here are a few frugal tips;

  • Instead of an Athame, the ritual knife, find a wand. Go into the wood and find a stick that feels right. Some might argue it needs to be a certain wood, but this is untrue. If it feels right, its right for you. The wand and the Athame both represent the male aspect of the divine, and are tools to direct and funnel your energy. You can also use your finger of your power hand (the hand you feel energy).
  • Candles can be very cheap at a dollar store. you can technically use birthday candles although it makes for a short ritual. Some pagans might tell you its important the color or even type of candle (soy or beeswax) but if you can’t afford much, any candle will do.
  • Salt is used to cleanse the area, as does incense. Cleansing an area for ritual can be done solely by visualization of driving out negative energy and empowering the area with ‘love and light’. Use rainwater if you have nothing else.
  • Instead of candles for each direction, use items you might already have on hand. Feathers, incense, and bubbles represent air (East). Stones, soil, and plants represent earth (North), shells, a bowl of water, or symbol of a water animal such a fish, dolphin, etc can also be used. Candles, dragons, or volcanic rock could be used.
  • Don’t think you need all your tools at once. Its common to build up the tools as they come into your life.
  • Some items can be made from salt clay you make yourself. Pentacles, bowls, incense burners, and other items can be shaped for use.
  • A book of shadows can be easily made from a 3-ring binder and pages. You’ll eventually move up to something fancier, or you can learn to use scrapbook techniques to color things up.
  • Remember to cultivate a focus on what’s in your heart and mind, which are the most powerful tools, rather than any object in your life. Those tools are pointless without your will and focus.

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