Tuesday Tip: BOS journaling

1639671_f520 pen and paper writingNot everyone starts or maintains a Book of Shadows. Some might ask ‘what is a Book of Shadows’?

A Book of Shadows can take a form of the compilation of all the learning a Wicca/pagan stores in a notebook. This might includes rituals, photos, or lists of colors, chants, and spells they gather. You can also maintain a Book of Shadows which works much in the same way as a journal, but focuses on the spiritual journey.

Journaling, I feel, offers anyone a means in which to think through the events of one’s life, while also recording the day to day events. More specifically in a Book of Shadows, you might include your menstrual cycle, moods, astrology or divination readings, or a focus on the goals you’ve set for yourself.

A typical Book of Shadows journal entry could read as follow;

“Tuesday, July 05, 2011- Weather- Hot and sunny. Moon- Going to full. Mood- Tired, a big hung over from the party last night. Moon-cycle- Still dealing with the issues with the DepoVera. ugh

I continue working towards my goal of publishing my novel. The short story for the anthology distracts for now, but I manage to squeeze in the word count. I feel good and do my daily devotional towards this goal”

You could also add a photo to your journal, and add a journaling block beside it, or jot down a jumble of thoughts you have for the day. A Book of Shadows becomes a direct reflection of who you are spirituality.


Try keeping a journal for a week and make changes to your life. For instance, if you tend to feel depressed, set a rule for your journal where must read every day, but you can’t write anything negative. You must find the positive in each day. See if this helps by focusing on the happy, positive things, rather than the negative.

If you are shy, keep a week’s worth of journal posts where you’ve made an effort to speak to people, engage in conversations, and join groups.


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