Moon Monday: Planning rituals

If you have a group, I highly recommend to others to consider letting all participates an opportunity to help plan for the ritual. I have a few reasons as to why I believe this;

  • It helps build bonds between members of your group. Any group activity enables the group dynamic to grow closer as members get to share their ideas and thoughts on how they feel the ritual should be done.
  • It helps teach members with hands on learning. If you have a teaching group, letting them help plan a ritual gives the much needed experience with the ritual building process.
  • It makes the ritual very personal for all members, for the ones who helps develop it to its final form. Personalized ritual that touches upon the elements that speak to members serve to build spirituality vastly more than the rituals only the leaders conduct.
  • It cuts out surprises. Not only can you build a ritual that everyone gets to have a part, group building offers little in the way of surprises to members who might not otherwise want to participate in some elements. Ritual shouldn’t surprise members, as much as touch their soul to help bring about spiritual growth.

The very basic elements of a full moon ritual are;

– Cleanse the area either by smudging with incense, or sprinkling water/salt or even sweeping with a besom.

– Setup the altar and ‘Quarters’, otherwise known as the directions as north (earth), east (air), south (fire), and west (water

– Welcome members into your circle. Some groups use a challenge and an oath, while others simply welcome with a hug and blessing.

– Draw the circle with wand or athame, or use incense, or sprinkle salt/water. My coven did all three, going around the circle three times while chanting to ‘build the temple’.

– Invoke the directions of earth, air, fire, water, or north, east, south, and west. Some groups invoke clockwise, sometimes counterclockwise if they intend a banishing.

– Invoke Goddess and the God, or however you see the Divine.

– Do your main activity which can vary from month by month. You can work magick, meditate, celebrate, or even work crafts.

– Once you’ve completed your ‘work’, then share cakes and ale. This help ground raised energy, and build bonds with other members.

– Thank the gods and/or powers you’ve raised and give thanks to the directions/elements.

– Close circle in the opposite direction of invocation.

– Clasp hands and give thanks and love to the members that joined you, or if you’re solitary, you can do a self blessing to appreciate yourself for a ritual well done. Winking smile

I’m sure you have your own opinion. Please leave comments below.


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