Tuesday Tip: Eating and food

96844427507af27d711f69acd2a8a184f4c2cd42Someone asked me the other day if I was a vegetarian, with the idea that as a Wiccan, and following the ‘an it harm none’, should we avoid eating meat to adhere to the rule?

I’ve been on both sides of the debate. For five years, I didn’t eat any meat that was once a living, breathing animal. I would consume milk and milk products, honey, eggs, and that sort. Nowadays, I have a varied diet, but generally prefer only fish and chicken with smaller portions.

The “An it harm none’ can be taken to that extent of harming no animals, but take it further, and you also have to avoid wearing leather shoes, and all the other things that eventually impact another life.

But ‘Harm none’ is not a law or rule. It’s a Rede, which means ‘advice’ or consul’. I think it lends to mindful action towards those around you and to yourself.

Eating sugar and drinking alcohol harms you. Do you avoid those too?

I’m also not Wiccan although that’s where I started my pagan path. I now follow an eclectic path influenced with some Buddhism and Taoism, but also strongly follows what might be considered the ‘natural law’. Natural law does not have ‘harm none’.

Most animal societies follow ‘do not provoke’, because it lends to needless fighting and even death, but if crossed, animals will retaliate to defend themselves.

What are your thoughts?


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