Moon Monday

altarLast full moon, on Friday, members of my meetup group joined together to celebrate the Full moon esbat. For many, this was a first official esbat circle, while others shared in their year’s of experience. I felt it was a  lovely mix of new and old, and like many circles with members who follow different traditions and customs, the ritual ends up a mix of many styles.

The first step was to have a planning meeting. This was for all members of the meetup group where they could attend, we get to know who would be joining, and everyone shares what they want to see in a ritual.

The next day, I posted a basic ritual outline, and uploaded to Google documents. This document, I then ‘shared’ and allowed those invited the ability to edit the documents. I then left instructions that everyone should pick a color and edit what they would like to do as part of ritual.

This worked marvelously well.

I then printed out copies for everyone and so all members knew what to do and what to expect.

Our group managed pretty well, and everyone enjoyed the activities we did as a group. We shared some chants, did some energy work, and once the circle was closed, we shared some s’mores and conversation. It was great.

Feel free to share methods on planning an esbat ritual.


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