Tuesday Tip: New Home Blessings

Your home is more than just a building that stores your stuff. Its your haven, a place of  a sanctuary for you and your family.

A home also provides you a temple and sacred space, and in doing so, you kindle energy that can improve mood and evolve the spirit.

When getting a new house, you should give it  thorough cleaning. I will mix my usual soap in a bucket of water, but also add a bit of sea salt, and herbs or oils. Just make sure that what you’ll be washing won’t get residue that you don’t want.

You can add ribbons infused with intent to mops and brooms, so while you sweep away the dirt, you’re also sweeping away negative energy.

You can spiritually cleanse a house with smudging (smoking) the area with sage or other incense you feel a connection with.

Mix salt with rainwater, and sprinkle through the house, speaking a blessing while doing so and moving in clockwise directions-

“I bless this house with light and love,

I invoke protection and power so that this home and those who dwell within will be safe from harm.

I call upon the spirits (goddess) to bless and protect this home”

Add plants to help clean the air, while providing their magical properties as well.

Feel free to share you own traditions and methods of blessing the home.


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