The Year and a Day

Traditionally, many Wiccans pick a year and a day of their training whey they first get started. The year and a day encompasses the moment of self dedication or initiation to when they learn whatever goals they set in place for themselves (or what the coven dictates).

Its not, however mandatory. If anything, you should consider what your needs are in regards to time and effort, and why set a hard and fast goal in the first place.

And what should learn in the year and a day? (I will add posts on each in the following Fridays)

How to cast a circle– This depends on your need and skill level, but primarily you should be able to cast a basic circle in order to cast a spell, do meditations, celebrate a Sabbat, or simply when you need to ground and center.

How to ground and center– This method of focusing helps the witch/wiccan/pagan to be in the ‘here and now’. It helps release doubt and negative emotion you’ve accumulated through the day, and lets you touch the earth and sky to center your spirit to your goals.

How to meditate– Meditations is so primal and important to spirituality. Considering the health benefits of well being and improved mood, its well worth learning how to meditate regularly.

How to use methods of healing– This will vary as to what technique you wish to explore, but acupressure, herbs, Reiki, and many other types of self-healing helps the pagan to explore oneself and one’s health for the long term.

How to use divination– Divination can be Runes, the Tarot, meditation, scrying (crystal ball gazing), or any other form. The reason I list this is based on its usefulness in exploring the Self and the darker aspect of our Spirit. It teaches symbolism and understanding the abstract.

Moon phases– Learning the moon phases, the symbolism, and even extending to astrology can help in magical workings and attuning oneself the the cycles of the earth and moon.

The Wheel of the Year– Learning the eight sabbat (holidays) of the solar year attunes you to the masculine aspect of the Divine, and touches upon the agricultures link pagan religions have with the earth.

How to cast a spell– Although primarily optional, spells take many forms from simple things like blowing out candles on a birthday cake to full high magick rites. What is important to learn incorporates the understanding of wants versus need, and being able to visualize goals clearly in order to achieve them.

Some groups and traditions also suggest other things you should know by the end of your first year, but ultimately, how long it takes to learn anything is a personal journey that only you decide on time increments.


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