Moon Monday: Bats and the night

amoonLast night while jogging along the river with my dog, I noticed a number of bats flying around. I love bats- having taken the name of frootbat31 as my online moniker for years now.

abatFruit bats in particular are just adorable. They are generally day animals, but will feed at night on fruit trees in their native habitats. The bats you find here in the US are generally the insect-eating variety.

A single bat eats almost half its body weight each night, and can help pollinate crops. They feed on the pests that bother us such as mosquitoes, gnats, and midges among other insects.

The first concern with bats would be rabies, but I found the Center for Disease Control states that only 6% are found with rabies.

The bigger threat with bats would be the guano (bat feces) that can cause health problems.

In myth, the bat is a trickster or represents the soul. In some cultures, the bat represents happiness and longevity.

And an interesting fact is with the Bacardi Rum has a bat on its label representing the free-tailed bat that pollinates the sugar cane.

I think once you learn about the creatures you fear, you learn to appreciate them, and even like them.


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