Tuesday Tip: Smudging and cleansing

awitchIf you’ve joined in circles, or cast a circle, you should be familiar with the term ‘smudging’. If not, its meant to use incense to spiritual cleanse a place or person before you do ritual.

Generally, you’re find pagans using Sage bundles, often mixed with another plant to add magical properties or various scents. You can use any incense that produces smoke for the same purpose.

While using a smudge stick, wave through the air, and while drifting the smoke over your person, imagine the smoke clearing and cleansing all negativity from within you. If smudging an area, imagine doing the same for the area as well.

How to make Sage Bundles b CharmingPixieFlora. (video)

Herbs: How to create your very own smudge stick by MrWitchofWicca. (video)

Cleansing by HpThomasMoore. (video)

Answers to smudging questions by About.com

You can also use essential oil sprays, using bottle misters. Add a few drops to a bottle of water, and mist area with the scent. This also works great for those who are sensitive to smoke.

Another method of cleansing an area is using sound. Clapping hands, drumming, singing or chanting, or using a bell that has a lovey resounding tone works great in clearing areas.

What are your methods of cleansing the space or  your person before ritual?



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