Moon Monday- Drawing Down the Moon

475a94b12457069b42e99440b0d16fc74aabc977The drawing down the moon ritual is not so easily defined within the books you see on the shelves. It can try to explain the sensation and feelings involved with this method of invocation to the Goddess, but until you experience it for yourself, its difficult to understand.

To sum it up simply; the ritual is to enter a trance and letting the Goddess enter her body. This same method can also work to invoke the God or any deity into your body and you then become a channel or vessel in which the Divine can act and speak as the Goddess.

Mainly this ritual offers a coven guidance and healing from the Goddess. She may speak directly to individuals on their problems, or provide insight for them.

Solitaries, on the other hand, may experience a form of Divine presence, and therefore commune with the Goddess for her teaching and enlightenment.

How to Draw Down the Moon?

Trance isn’t easy to reach if you have no experience, but like many things, it takes practice. Start with meditation and try different methods of meditation and visualizations. Once you feel comfortable with that, you can try the Drawing Down the Moon ritual.

Drawing Down the Moon by Hecate’s Cauldron Web Site

Speaking from my own experience, I had times it simply didn’t work. Its possible I was too tired or filled with my own emotional baggage that prevented me from reaching the right state of mind, while other times I felt Her with me.

I often sit in silence after ritual or having done spellwork to ‘listen’, by being silent and of empty mind, waiting for a response. Again, sometimes I get answers, other times I don’t. It takes practice.


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