Tuesday Tip: Finding other pagans

goddessThe other day someone asked me about to find fellow pagans. It’s a good question because many people who follow an alternative path tend to keep that from friends, family, and co-workers, so how to find them if they’re hiding?

Here are a few tips:

  1. Wear a necklace or ring that implies your belief. It doesn’t have to be a pentacle. You can find spirals, crystals, runes, and other symbols that imply your belief without sparking distain from religious zealots.
  2. Use the Internet! Sites such as Witchvox.com and Meetup.com show many groups that might be forming in your area.
  3. Check at metaphysical shops. Sometimes these business know a number of people who follow pagan spirituality.
  4. Visit a festival. Nearly all states have some form of big festival for pagans. Check at the Witchvox site or Google search for ideas.
  5. Start your own group. I did this years ago before we had any groups in our area. Although many members were not Wiccan, specifically, my group offered to explore the practices of meditation, energy work, and exploring.

I also think that once you decide you want to meet others, you’ve put that intention out there.



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