Some thoughts on meditation

9ffdd17008b9a0f24c8042d1998caaf6cb9b40b1Meditation provides so many benefits to both our physical as well as emotional selves. Even as little as 5-10 minutes a day can help alleviate depression, provide a stronger sense of well being, and help focus the mind..

Meditation takes on my forms as well, from walking or moving meditations (Tai Chi), to empty mind, to concentrating on something specific such as breathing, a lighted candle, or a sound.

Start meditating regularly as part of your daily routine and see if you feel better or improved. pick a time to meditate, and spend 5-10 minutes being still.

You can also select music to listen, and time your time meditating.


Keep a journal of your meditation. Add your method of choice, your thoughts and feelings during the meditation, and what you feel the outcome was.

Do this for a full moon cycle and see if you feel better.


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