Friday Fun: Tip for invoking Quarters

1297475772695438Invoking the four Quarters, or elements, can be simple by remembering the simple invocation;

I call upon you, Ancient Ones of the (direction/element).

To touch us with (add traits you attribute to the element or direction. This can be inspiration of Air, the power of change of Fire, the growth of earth, or the temperance of Water).

I call upon you to join me in this sacred space

Hail and Welcome.

Its more important to evoke what the element/direction means to you than the actual words themselves. Fill your heart and mind with images and emotion for that particular element.

You may find this changes over time, or what  you need for that specific circle. That’s perfectly ok and be expected.

In the coming weeks, take time to meditate and learn about each direction and see what symbols and characteristics mean the most to you.

Blessed Be-



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