Interpreting Dreams

300px-Eudyptula_minor_Bruny_1Last night I had a strange dream where I encountered penguins. Not just any penguins but the ‘fairy penguins’ found in Australia. I thought it odd how I noted in the dream they had blue eyes.

I had to look them out, since I was curious if there was any meaning, and true enough, they do have blue eyes. They are also cute as hell.

In the dream, they were scratching at this woman’s door. I was visiting her for a circle. She was in the backyard, and I felt these penguins were expected and known by her, and she fed them.

So I opened the door to find all these cute penguins waiting for fish, and that’s when I woke up.

I still don’t know what it could mean, other than perhaps some sort of opportunity might come knock’n. I have no idea why I would dream about penguins, being I don’t often think about them. I don’t understand the symbolism…yet.

Interpreting dreams challenges us to consider many elements of our Selves; I could look at some books on the subject, but its more important to weigh in my own reaction and feelings on the matter;

Consider your emotion to the situation and characters in your dream. You may find that something you might otherwise be terrified of, you no longer fear, or something benign appears horrifying in the dream. The emotion and how you react could hold meaning.

Don’t bother looking up dream dictionaries. They tend to give pat answers to otherwise complex issues. Symbols in a dictionary may have nothing to do with the symbolism you perceive, and what you perceive is most important.

Learn about the symbols. Although sometimes ‘a cigar is just a cigar’, symbols vary between cultures and faiths. Even from people to people. A bat, to me, means something completely different than someone who fears them.

Check out myths and legends of the symbols. Animals, spirits, and just symbols in general (like Runes, for example) offer you insight into your feelings and truths about yourself.

I’ll take the next few weeks to consider the meaning and see what I can figure out. If I’m lucky, I’ll dream about it again and get a better understanding. If not, some dreams will work themselves out.


3 responses to “Interpreting Dreams

  1. Here is the totem meaning of Fairy Penquins but that they are asking you to open the door to your soul and feed them might mean you need to feed your dreams, your inner child and feed your play time, Possibly?
    Agility, Play, Dreams, Innocence, Inner child & Balance. The messages are loud and clear here – remember your dreams, allows you inner child to play and be balanced.

    The Medicine
    The medicine of Penguin is Agility and Play. Penguin finds great joy in life. He characteristically follows the well worn paths of his ancestors. Using their wisdom to make his own toil easier so that there is more time for play. He loves to bob, dive and splash about in his waters, excited that he is alive. He loves to play hide and seek, diving and swimming long distances and then splashing out of the water saying “Here I am, come play with me”.
    The Shadow Side
    You are too serious at times. You need to “Lighten Up”.

  2. I’m pretty sure its not a need to lighten up. My son told me just the other day sometimes I’m ‘too goofy’. I also feel the penguins at the door had meaning- opportunities, balance, or the other things mentioned.
    Thanks for taking the time to look that up. It certainly give me food for thought!

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