Monday Musings: Sacred spots

Not everyone has a sacred spot to call their own, preferring to build that ritual space each time for meditation and spellworking.

Those who do have house altars setup something special in an area of their house to remind them of the many elements of spirituality.

What to add?

Representations of the god and goddess. You can find statues online, in stores, or make your own out of salt clay, or simply post up a poster/print on the wall as well. Some representations can also be a seashell, deer antlers, or a cauldron with an athame.

Symbols of the elements. Air (east) could be incense, windchimes, fairies, bubbles, feathers, or animal figurines such as birds. Earth takes form in stones, crystals, seeds, plants, and wood. You might also want animals such as a woodchuck, chipmunk, or other earth dwelling species. Water could be seashells, a bowl of water, a fountain, or figurines of fish, mermaids, or other sea creatures. Fire (south) takes the form of candles, dragons, or salamanders.

Other items can include things that are important to you such as jewelry, a pentacle tile, herbs, wand, and elements of spells you’re working on.

Types of altars:

Personal altars can be mobile, stored in a box, or setup on a dresser or small table in a bedroom or closet. They are generally small, intimate, and personalized to the person.

Family altars are more prominent and generally sit within a working area of the house such as dining or living room. A family altar also has a number of items each member of the family feels necessary. These can change seasonally or through special times in the family’s life.

Outdoor altars can be found in gardens, play areas, patios, or porches. These are often setup seasonally and used with devotional rituals or moments of meditation.

The important thing with any altar is it reflects your spirit and spiritual needs at the time.



3 responses to “Monday Musings: Sacred spots

  1. I’m currently making my altar, but I’ve got a preliminary altar above my computerdesk, it’s better than nothing. 🙂

    • I love the pentacle. I remember many altars being nothing but shelves or tops of dressers. Currently, mind is a box and must be setup each time. I figure ‘whatever works’ right?

  2. I bought the pentacle today but I’ve been lusting after it all summer. I walk on a runway show for the shop “Suncrystal” as a fairy and got a discount at their store and now I used it. ^^

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