When Nature Backhands You


Yesterday, someone tried to explain to me the ‘end times is near’, due to the east coast earthquake (which I didn’t feel) and the hurricane (that didn’t reach us). Being I sat amid a birthday party for a one year old girl, that was neither the time or the place to challenge this guy’s remark, and ask him if he’s even read Revelations.

I read the Bible years ago, even Revelations, and since I see no signs of seven horned lamb with seven eyes, or Angel of Woe, or scorpion tailed locusts, I see no reason to panic.

What’s that? Its all symbolism? Oh well, of course then, it makes sense. Obviously you can tie in any number of events into the ‘end times’. A seven horned goat could mean anything, such as a form of government we don’t like.

But like any prophecy, read in cryptic symbols, its open to interpretation. Many might say Nostradamus predicted a number of events, but not one of them was seen in advance. Only after it happened did people tie into the symbolism

Which means cryptic symbols in the Bible can also be misread, misinterpreted, and otherwise misunderstood.

Thanks God. Nothing like a prophecy to explain what we must do, only to not understand a word.

What’s worse, is that people are using this as a means to fear monger their way for people to turn to God. If you don’t turn to God, you go to Hell.

Another prophecy people like to bring up is the 2012 of the Mayan Prophecy. Look it up, and you will find nothing that says of an Apocalypse or end times. It’s the end of an era. Nothing bad is going to happen in 2012. Life will continue as usual.

Unfortunately, we’ll have generation after generation warning us that the end times are near and therefore ‘we must prepare’.

Good luck with that. 

I can’t say I think much of a God who decides to kill people just to give everyone a wake up call to worship him. It just seems petty to me.

Mother Nature, on the other hand, has always shown consistency in her darker elements. We’ve seen volcanoes, floods, and other disasters, with no sign of ‘end times’. Its natural phenomenon, perhaps aggravated by the Global Warming.

What are your thoughts? Are you ready for the ‘end times’?



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