Pagan Sacred Texts

catI was Stumbling online today and happened upon a page labeled ‘pagan sacred texts’ and had to laugh. Somehow the whole sacred texts evoked these ideas of sage words from the ancients, and Wicca and pagan writings are not ancient in any sense of the word.

Not that I care about knowledge over time, but pagans do not have sacred books we revere. We read, often voraciously, but I just don’t see the books on Wicca and Pagan as ‘sacred’. They are informative, and even entertaining, but sacred?

A Book of Shadows, I perceive, as sacred. A sense of reverence and understanding its importance. It’s a reflection of your spiritual path, after all.

Books by Gerald Gardner, Margaret Murray, or Margot Adler, to me, are not sacred. They are not held in the same regard or have blind followers  as the Koran or Bible. Their words are not gospel, but simply shared wisdom. The books written by ‘the greats’ are respected and referred to frequently. They do not glean devoted followers who don’t ask questions.

We ask questions, weigh the words, and even challenge them. And the writers often welcomed that debate.

We are not blind followers. We see clearly.


6 responses to “Pagan Sacred Texts

  1. Most of us see clearly, at least. As you wrote early on in your blog, there are zealots and know-it-alls out there, always..

    But otherwise, point to you! ^^


  2. It is hard to consider Pagans having sacred texts, I agree with you, they are not known as ‘people of the Book’ like Jews, Christians and Islam. I don’t believe Pagans should be, the book should be nature and all it encompasses but today I fear that Pagans really don’t follow nature, but books and Internet, many Urban Pagans rarely step outside. If we want to be people of ‘the Book’ that’s already taken . I just think that many want what they left behind in the big 3 religions, so they don’t have to do any work on their own.They want to follow what someone else wrote and believes and not find it on their own. I personally want my own revelation not someone elses. I am not talking about informative books on various aspect on doing the ‘Craft’ but the spiritual aspects of it.

    • “so they don’t have to do any work on their own”
      I agree. I meet lots of people who want to be told what to do, told how to do it, and that it has to be the ‘correct way’. Nature religions are all about touching upon the nature of our Selves, and that can get messy, sometimes mistaken, and taking chances.
      Love your comment!

  3. So you don’t consider the Epic of Gilgamesh a sacred text? Or any of the writings of the Ancient Greeks? What about the Papyrus of Ani, or the Pyramid texts? Not only are these religious texts, but are important to modern followers to understand the culture of the original practitioners of our chosen religions. These ancient texts are just as sacred as anything related to judeo-christianity.

    Also, its important to note that not all pre-christian (the term “Pagan” should technically only refer to the Roman religions) were tree-hugging nature loving hippies. Most had a respect for nature, but not all worshipped nature.

    • Yes, valuable texts, even sacred to those who read them and value them, but my point to this post focused on the modern books listed as ‘sacred’ when they are not held in the same regard as having magical properties. I think pagans (ones who follow earth-centered religions) hold books in reverence, but not blindly. If the Papyrus of Ani said anyone that lacks faith should be killed, I don’t think the modern followers would blindly follow.
      This post also focused more on the modern ‘sacred texts’ of Wiccan/witch authors.

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