What are your gifts?

paganpic00The other day, during one of the Wiccan meetups, one of the members mentioned how she wished she had ‘those gifts’, such as empathy or psychometric. It got me thinking about the ‘gifts’ people have, while others don’t feel as though they have any.

Gifts come in many forms. I knew people who claimed empathy but wreaked havoc with other’s lives, or people who professed to see the future, but couldn’t understand the symbolism until after the fact.

Are those truly gifts? I’m not even sure if I believe people when they say they have such abilities. The empathy bothered me so much I ended up telling her “And you’re not picking up on the fact I don’t believe you?” Her response? I was ‘too tough to crack through my cold, hard exterior’. Oh snap. Well I guess I have the superpower of shielding against crap.

Having these abilities might give the illusion you’re ‘special’, but if you can’t manage to get along with others and make the world a better place, I don’t see them as ‘gifts’ at all.

There are, by far, more important gifts we can cultivate within our lives than grasping for the psychic realm.

Gifts in art, music, dance, healing, and even being a good listener are just as valuable if not more so. Your gifts might include a lovely voice, a willingness to make others happy, or a special way with animals.

I, for one, get a natural high when I can make someone laugh, or they tell me I wrote or said something that made them think, or even inspired them.

Everyone has gifts. They don’t have to be of the psychic (and often questionable) path. Those gifts make you every bit special as what another with ‘gifts’ claim to be.

What do you think are your gifts that makes the world a better place?

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3 responses to “What are your gifts?

  1. I’ve been told a lot of times that I’m very wise for my age. I may not be IQ-intelligent, but a lot of adults in my vicinity have commented on my way of telling metaphores, giving emotional advice and coming up with ideas to make my own life a little easier to live.

    I’m not sure I believe them at all times, but aren’t the true gifts those you don’t brag about, but the ones that shine through so other people see them clear as day? I’m honored people think I have such a gift.

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