Wednesday Witch: Opening the broom closet

Pagan Dilemma – to Come Out or Not « Opening The BroomclosetA comment on one of my posts provided me a link to back to her blog, Opening the Broom Closet, which I found very entertaining. I thought it would be nice to share her blog with my own readers.

I like the concise but informative posts on such various topics of ‘your favorite god’ to ‘planned reading’, to all things pagan.

Be prepared to click a lot. She posted tons of information well worth sorting through.


Side note: I’m sorry to my readers for posting this late. I had to format my computer and it took forever to get things back to how I wanted them.



4 responses to “Wednesday Witch: Opening the broom closet

  1. Aaw, thank you for writing about me! I feel honored you think my blog is interesting enough to blog about! I will absolutely return the favor… ^^


  2. a question, do you have a penname that you go by on the net, or do you you Frootbat31 as that. Mine is Vaettr as you’ve probably figured out by now. Do you have one like that?


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