Coven tip- Troublemakers

I’ve written blog entries before on the topic of troublemakers in a coven, and this extends to any group where you deal with people who can’t seem to get along with others.

Bear in mind that any group depends heavily on a consensus of behavior. Ettiquette and manners are crucial to keeping a group moving forward, and tolerating bad behavior serves only to fester problems, and can lead to other members dropping out.

If you have a troublemaker, which includes members who gossip, lie, boast, overly criticize, gets drunk, or any number of bad behaviors, give them a warning. Be direct and assertive about what they are saying and doing that is unacceptable behavior.

Some members will argue with you, such as insisting they are not behaving badly, or whatever was said was never said. Continue to be clear that such behavior- from anyone- is unacceptable and grounds for removal.

If the member persists, remove them on a temporary basis. Use your better judgement. Personally, I find some people refuse to learn and do not work well in groups. I feel, as organizer and leader, it is my obligation to the rest of the members (the group as a whole) to protect them.

This does not require you to be mean, only assertive. Sometimes, removing a members provides the necessary wake up call they need to change their behavior.

Any group, whether it’s a coven, study group, or like mine- a meetup, must be group where members feel safe and can relax. You, as leader, must support that, even if it means you need to remove a member to make it work.


One response to “Coven tip- Troublemakers

  1. I have started a studygroup, although it’s about schoolwork and not paganism or wicca, but I have a sort of leader roll and so far there hasn’t been any bad behavior. I’m glad, I don’t like confrontation, but if it happens I know I can handle it. Like you said, there’s no reason to be mean about it, just assertive.

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