Off the beaten path: learning your own way


With most studies, you tend to follow an outline of lessons to get to an end goal. I find in religion, however, sticking to the status quo leads to orthodoxy and a loss of new thought.

Staying on the path will guide you towards a destination, but going off the path, wandering into realms unknown, also offers valuable lessons you can’t possible expect. Spiritual exploration leads to new areas, wonders, and even interests not otherwise found.

The best aspect of many pagan religions is how it offers this wayward learning as valuable. There’s no punishment or reprimand for looking to another religion.

If you find an interest in Zen Buddhism, Catholicism, or ancient practices of the Aboriginals of Australia, you’re growing and evolving as you go along.

Challenge yourself to try new ideas, find new hobbies, and see where it takes you. Bear in mind that if you find its not interesting or catches your interest, that’s fine too.


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