Prompt: Teaching children

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I found this prompt at Pagan Blog Prompts, which is a great place to find inspiration for your blog. This also happened to touch upon a conversation I had with a member of my study group on the topic of children in circles.

My son often came along when I attended ritual with my coven. He wasn’t interested in religion as much as playing with the other kids. That was fine. I don’t believe in forcing spirituality down his throat, and let him decide for himself what to believe in.

I do, however, believe he should have an informed opinion. As a pagan homeschooler, we cover many religions in Social Studies, including ancient faiths as well as modern. We discuss practices, beliefs, and cultures, and how they inter-relate to one another.

My husband is Lutheran, but thankfully doesn’t insist on church or Bible reading. Our son learns enough things on Christianity through the Boy Scouts. I will tell him about my time in a Methodist church, and we sometimes join a local Unitarian Universalist church as well.

Children in any group should show a good sense of manners, and that includes the parents. Look after your own kid; don’t expect someone else to do your job. Kids need to learn what is respectful, as well as the practices expected of them. Help make the experience wonderful for everyone.


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