Mabon: Second harvest

yinyangThe Autumn Equinox also known as Mabon or Second Harvest. celebrates the seasonal changes from summer to Fall. More importantly, it celebrates the balance of light and dark, where the day and the night are equal, and we’ll see the coming winter as the nights lengthen.

Generally taking place on September 21-23rd depending on the year, this year (2011) Mabon falls on Friday, the 23rd of this month. (In the Northern Hemisphere)

Where First Harvest (Lammas) celebrates the grain crops, Mabon celebrates the fruit, nuts, and vegetable harvests. You can use any of the bounty of your harvests. And with any harvest, a potluck, picnic, and/or feast are definitely in order.

earthwitchery’s page on Mabon provides a list of ideas and practices of Mabon.


Craftycelticcutie also provides a nice page on the Sabbat of Mabon, including activities and recipes.


Moonshadow’s site also offers a nice page with Mabon information. I like the idea of a cornucopia basket, and the myth behind it.

I love the idea of seeking balance in one’s life with this holiday. To find balance, you must first consider what elements unbalance your life. Consider bad habits, what are the causes of those habits, and how to overcome them. If you have excess in one area of your life, how can you find balance to find peace and harmony?

Sometimes you’ll find the answer isn’t as literal as you might think. Take for instance the idea of “I’m poor. I don’t have enough money”, might serve you to consider a change in attitude about living simply instead.

Add to your Book of Shadows a page on these thoughts about balance in your life. Add goals to seek balance, and make plans on the upcoming Mabon.

Add ideas, your activities, and even links back to your own thoughts on Mabon and balance below.


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