Travel Altars

I don’t often cast circle other than my one room, for privacy mostly. However, when I happened upon the topic of travel altars, I thought it worthy to blog about and consider what I’d put in my own travel altar.

A travel altar comprises of the essentials deemed important to do basic circle and/or spellwork. Compiled into a travel bag, basket, or tin, the witch/pagan adds things like candles, matches, salt, and anything else they’d use.

Here is a video by AuroraLightBringer, on her pocket alters.

I love her ideas on what to put in the little alters, and the size of them. Obviously you can assemble one at any size, but this easily fits in a large pocket or a purse.


I found the scented matches she mentioned online, and they come in all sorts of scents.



You can find tons of various glass bottles to fit in a tin, box, or basket to store things like water, salt, herbs, and crystals. (Or whatever).

Beeswax Tea Lights are both natural and won’t topple over like the tapers, but you could use birthday candles if you need to. Remember to snuff candles and TAKE THEM WITH YOU if you’re out in the woods. Never leave trash behind.

I also found some links to some other wonderful ideas and designs for travel altars:


Dancing goddess dolls has a very lovely travel altar (this is just one of her designs). Its beautiful cloth that folds into a ribbon clasp.



ThePointyHat site also provides two ideas; the travel altar box, or the travel altar basket. These kits include everything you need.




A travel altar can be rather large. Mine can also be used as an altar, but its heavy and cumbersome. I can fit lots of stuff inside of it, but I must consider the weight when I move to another site.

As for the contents, I would say keep it simple and basic. Try to bear in mind that generally you need yourself; anything else, you can simply use visualization techniques.

Also, no matter what your faith, you can compile your own version. For Christians, add a cross. Buddhists might want to add a small Buddha statue. You can also add prayer beads, small cards with chants and prayers.

BOS Assignment- Assemble your own travel alter, and consider what you consider essential, and why.


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