the Dark Half of the year

twowolvesyinyangWith the passing of the autumn equinox (Mabon), we enter into the dark half of the year. We’ll see the days grow shorter, the night grow longer, and winter soon arrive.

Harvest also teaches us to prepare for the dark times, for times when we don’t have abundance. Now is the time of year to  winterize the home. We can also ‘winterize’ our spirits, by anticipating our moods in the coming months.

For some, winter doesn’t affect them. For others, it’s a dark time emotionally as well as physically.

Here are some tips for those who cope with depression;

  • Start a ‘blessing book’. This is good idea for anyone of any faith or even of no faith. Compile things in a journal you see as blessings, jot down quotes that inspire you, or add pictures/photos that lift your spirits. Basically a blessing book offers you a resource to remind you of the good things in your life.

How to be optimistic (and add some of these techniques to your journal)

  • If you haven’t started, learn and practice daily meditation. Meditation has been shown to relieve depression and boost a sense of well being.

Meditation Infocenter

  • Start each day with an affirmation or prayer that states a day of productivity, love, and happiness. (or anything else you need)

Depression and affirmations

  • Change your diet. Many people suffering from depression react to processed foods, sugars, and refined carbs. Each complex carbs, lean proteins, and avoid junk.

Diet and mood

  • Take daily walks. I’m actually suggesting daily exercise in any form. Getting your heart rate up offers so many health benefits. Exercise is proven to lift Dopamine and Serotonin levels in the brain.

Exercise is food for your mood.

If you have your own methods for relieving or deterring depression, please add in the comments.


2 responses to “the Dark Half of the year

  1. May sound strange, but it’s worth a shot – drink enough, preferably water (or herb teas). If my fluid intake is too low, my mood gets all funky and dark. Apart from that – listen to your favorite music, sing, dance, …

    (Why do I keep reading: “Moon and shadow – about PENGUINS”??)

    • That’s a good point. Even mild dehydration can cause fatigue and depression. Thanks for the tip!
      You re-read the penguin one? Maybe you’re as perplexed as I am about that one. 😉

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