Invocation to the Elements

IMG_0658I noticed that in rituals sometimes people stumble along with their words and invocations to the directions and to the gods, so here’s a quick lesson on breaking it down so its easier to understand.

For starters, I highly recommend having something the represents the elements at each Quarter or direction. This helps spark memory. It doesn’t have to be a big thing, but something like a seashell (water), a stone (earth), incense (air), perhaps a small figurine of a dragon (fire). Take time to meditate and consider what each element represents.

Air (south) symbolizes the mind, dreams, imaginations, and vision. This elements works spells for vision quests, or when you need inspiration or ‘message’ from the spirits.

Symbols- incense, feathers, bubbles, or crystal ball. I’ve used seeds from maple trees because they flitter about on the winds. You can also use a yellow candle.

Fire (South)- represents change and transformation. Some people might consider destruction, but fire really transforms wood and oxygen to heat and light. Fire works best for spells for change, for removing and banishing in order to transform to something positive.

Symbols- fire, dragons, volcanic rock or red candle. I’ve been in ritual where a small cauldron with fire also symbolized this element.

Water (west)- symbolizes heart and emotion. Its shifting and changing in its own right, but also represents temperance and intuition.  Its used in spells for blessings, emotionally driven magick, and also for cleansing of Self, space, and tools.

Symbols- seashells, water lily, starfish, or a bottle of rainwater. I’ve also seen bowls with the floating candles in it as well.

Earth (north) represents growth, prosperity, goals, inner strength, and potential. Earth is used in spells for abundance, prosperity, career, personal growth, inner strength, and creating and keeping goals.

Symbols- stones and rocks, a bowl of earth, plants, flowers, grains, and animals such as badgers, or other ground dwelling critters.

The invocation can be broken down into three parts:

The Intro– call upon the Element and/or Direction, with respect and invitation. You can also call specific gods that represent that element, spirits, elementals, or animal (totems).

Hail to the spirits of Earth, that of North,

What they represent– name what that element/direction represents to you, what you need for your ritual.

We ask you to touch us with your strength, growth, and healing.

Close the invocation by welcoming to the ritual.

Join us in this circle, Hail and welcome.

You can keep it simple, or extend into a lengthier invocation. Remember, this is based on need and should come from the heart.

Invocations also don’t have to be perfect. If you stutter, lose track, or even misspeak, smile and continue.

Writing your own invocation, with your own words, adds power to them. They become personal and certainly more intimate for you. You will also find, they will change over time, and even change based on needs. A ritual focusing on the one element helps empower a spell, for instance,

Assignment– Write down what each element means to you, what they represent. You can draw pictures, sit/meditate upon the element, and be mindful of them. Add your experiences to your Book of Shadows.


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