Honoring our ancestors

I remember in the early days of group ritual, the priest calling upon the ancestors and asking each of us to do the same. This was tough for me, being I knew nothing of my ancestors, and those I did know…well…were jerks.

I still remember the priest’s words to me. “You honor those who came before us. They are in our blood and bone. They brought us to where we are today, regardless of their own lives.”

He was right. Now when I cast circle, I remember to call upon my ancestors, to welcome them and give thanks for they came before me. Whatever kind of people they were, they brought me to this time and place, and to that, I will honor.

My current group often has a candle beside the Goddess candle and the God candle to invite them to our rituals. When I invoke them, I can’t imagine any specific ancestors, so I reflect on the mysterious ‘unknown’, of all those who passed on before me, and to have a moment of gratitude for bringing me here.

A simple invocation would be;

?We call upon you,

those who came before us,

who live in blood and bone

and ancient memory.

Join our/the ritual,

Bless me/us with your wisdom.

Thank  you, ancient ones.

Hail and Welcome”

Do you honor your ancestors? Do you have strong knowledge of where you come from?


2 responses to “Honoring our ancestors

  1. My family on both sides have done ancestry research so I know my family history back to the 1700’s or so. I have some ancestors I admire, but I’ve never actually called on them or honored them, if you don’t count the paper I did in school about my paternal great-grandmother. Perhaps I will try it, if I feel the time is right sometime.

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