Cleaning and cleansing the Home


I am not a clean freak by any definition of the phrase, but I clean regularly, at least once a week. I was asked a while back if I cleanse my house- spiritually.

I do, while I clean at the same time.

This tip is simple to do;

You will need a mop, bucket, water, cleaner, sea salt, and ribbons that represent your wishes. You can use white ribbon and write your intentions on them if you wish.

Tie the ribbons on the mop, infusing the knot as you bind it with your intention. I want my house filled with friendship, caring, family, and good fortune. I will visualize and speak my needs as I tied the ribbon to the mop.

Next, fill your bucket. Before you put the cleaner, take a small amount of sea salt and cup in the palm of your hand. Now focus and imagine purifying, cleansing, and clearing energy into the salt, much like you would do for casting circle.

Creature of earth, I call upon your powers of cleansing and purification to clean my house of bad intention (you can also name other things you want to banish).

So mote it be.

Drop into the water, and add the cleaner. I like adding a lemon or other scented cleaner.

Now, when cleaning, visualize clearing the area. You can sing or chant while you do so.

You can also add ribbons and infuse a broom with cleansing powers. Sweep and visualize removing all negative energy from your house. Sweep these energies out the door, or scoop in a dustpan and throw outside.

When dusting or cleaning down surfaces, you can bring a spray bottle of rainwater with a Citrine crystal in it, with a pinch of sea salt. While cleaning, spritz the room in a clockwise direction. Visualize the area cleared and filled with your good intentions.


  • Having Mist Bottles of water in the house also helps to cut down on static electricity. I simply add crystals for whatever I need it.
  • I collect rainwater for the spritz bottles, but general mop water, I use water from the tap. You can also collect water from streams, springs, rivers, and oceans. Do not drink unless you know its treated water.

2 responses to “Cleaning and cleansing the Home

  1. Good tips, I’ll try that next cleaning day! 😀

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