Protection and shielding

In many studies of magick, you will find methods to protect oneself spiritually. Even in ritual, you cast the circle after cleansing the area with sprinkling salt and water.

Many pagans/witches also ‘draw’ the circle with a wand or athame, empower a line drawn so that no negative energy enters the sacred space. The use of incense (fire and air) also travels at the perimeter of the circle, enclosing all within in a ‘bubble’ of shielding.

As I’ve mentioned previously, you don’t need tools. However, you do need a strong and focused will. (This is why I encourage meditation). Drawing with just your finger, while visualizing energy to make the circle can be enough.

I sometimes use focused visualization, but I will still use the incense because I love the smell of Sandalwood. Winking smile Bear in mind that whatever works to help you switch into the correct mindset is fine.

Another method of shielding is creating a guardian. This uses a small statue or figurine, or even a rock, which you empower with your energy to give it its own elemental personality. This will then guard the area.


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