Familiar with Familiars?


A familiar, by tradition, is any pet or animal that aids a witch in her workings. This does not mean if a cat continually slurps your bowl with holy water, burns whiskers, or meows during moments of mediations, is a familiar.

No, that is not a familiar; that’s just annoying.

Some witches/wiccans describe a pet as having a special bond or close relationship with their owner. They also lend ‘energy’ during ritual, or perhaps provides much needed sense of well being when you’re feeling low.

A familiar can be anything; cat, dog, rabbit, bird, etc. and shouldn’t be confused with the belief of totems. Totems are animal spirits, or spirits that take animal form to guide you in your Journey.

In the Old Days, a familiar was a spirit often taking animal form that aided a witch in her work. This was often seen as being a demon or other bad spirit, but in religions that embrace animism, I can see a spirit taking animal form to commune/communicate with someone of power.

What are your thoughts on familiars? Do you have a familiar, or had one in your life? Leave in comments below.


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