When not feeling up to ritual

tumblr_ls9e5fSmke1r2x98io1_500Trick or treating this year falls on October 31st. I was not happy seeing this in our town’s newsletter because they could’ve just as easily set it up over the weekend, not on a school night.

This also forced me to consider trick-or-treating with my son, or ritual with the group. Family comes first, so I opted to withdrawal this time from the group thing.

You should not feel guilty if you can’t, or simply don’t feel up, to having ritual. Celebrations shouldn’t be forced anyway, in my humble opinion. And I believe you need to be true to yourself.

If you need a break; take the break. Also consider, this time of year in particular is a time many creatures are preparing for the winter, and burrowing for hibernation.. Maybe you need to do this as well, to spiritually hibernate until you feel up to it.

I’ve met a number of pagans in my group who admit to having falling out of spirituality, having recently to ‘come back into it’. I’ve done the same thing myself. Sometimes we need that down time to re-define who we are and where our beliefs are. Sometimes we need that time to go inward and just be alone to figure out the myriad of questions we placed upon our spirituality.

Its ok to take a break if you need it.


One response to “When not feeling up to ritual

  1. Thank you for this post, I feel like hibernating right now, both spiritually and mentally. Perhaps it’s time to step back a bit.

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