So much candy, so little time

Amazing costume idea…not mine.

I think the best thing about Halloween is the dressing up in costume. For me, this holiday offers the most whimsical moments in our lives. I’m all about whimsy.

My son is accustomed to having a homemade costume.

Last year, rather than going out trick-or-treating, he donned his candy dispenser costume and handed our candy. Kids and their parents loved this costume, and of course, my son had a blast meeting all the trick-or-treaters.

We simply found a box, cut out a ‘screen’, a dispenser section, and I printed out panel to appear he’s a machine.


This was his costume from the video game, Half Life 2, with ‘zombies’ which have these creatures called Headcrabs on them. I think some people had no idea what he was, but he had fun making it. The headcrab is made out of paper mache and painted.


When he was little, he wanted to be a blue bird. I have no idea why, but he insisted it had to be blue. I ended up making this and he loved it. The beak and feet were made out of craft foam. The eyes are cotton balls with marker ‘eyes’, and the feathers were all felt and glued on a blue sweat shirt.

He tweeted instead of saying trick-or-treat.


I can’t remember what year this was, but I was a Christmas present. One homeowner loved the idea and offered me candy, except my hands couldn’t reach my mouth! Winking smile

its so easy- Find a box. Cut out holds for arms and head. Wrap with Christmas wrapper. Be sure to add lots of ribbon on your head. Tada!

This year, my son wants to dress up a Minecraft character. I think this could be easy. We use boxes, paint, and craft foam.

I might be a Sim, but I’m also learning towards being an Angry bird.

What are you dressing up this year?


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