I feel I’m such a typical Libran, with always seeking balance and both sides of an argument.

So I happened upon a question of a pagan who asked about the God and the Goddess representing Life and how it incorporates so readily into Nature.

Here’s the thing; male and female might be predominant in mammals, but you can find other forms of genders outside of the two choices.

Some species such as the Clownfish (of the movie Finding  Nemo fame), can change genders if a dominant female dies. So in the movie Nemo, the father would basically turn female.

Other species, such as snails are hermaphrodites, having both male and female parts. Stick bugs, on the other hand, can reproduce through parthenogenesis– meaning they are asexual. Basically, they’re all female and have no need for males.

Even in our own species, some people are known to be born with both sets of genitals.

I also point out that even though it takes a male and female to reproduce for our species, same sex couples also need to be valued and accepted.

I think, in short, we need to be human first, and not worry so much about the roles of gender. If you feel connected to one gender or another, that’s great. You may find yourself exploring the symbolism and role of the opposite sex, which I think its good to question and explore for learning more about ourselves.

Just bear in mind that one is not stronger or better than the other, and its perfectly acceptable to also perceive Deity as being both or even all genders.

In your Book of Shadows, write about your thoughts and experiences with the Divine and the gender, how you feel connected (or not), and where you find yourself in the grand scheme of things. Winking smile

Please feel free to post your own comments.


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