Ode to the black cat…and cats in general

I’m surprised the number of witches who own black cats. When I first started, I was under the impression that perhaps this demand for the all-black cat was something that was required of a witch.

As I matured, I discovered that not everyone owns a cat, let alone a black one, and only a few consider they even have a ‘familiar’.

What is tragic about the black cat is how this time of year, the animal shelters refuse adoptions for them. Its because of the number of people wanting the cat for the look, the prestige, or more nefarious reasons such as abuse or even killing black cats for Halloween.

Maybe witches have black cats for the following reason….

I never owned a black cat. My first cat was a wonderful shorthair named Loki who loved to sit on my books when I tried to read, or curled up against my stomach as I slept. My second cat was black and white where everything I owned showed his remnants at any given time.

I now own a cat(a stray that showed up on my porch one day) that is mostly white with orange splotches, and frankly,he’s the best cat I ever owned or met.

So color shouldn’t matter. Look for personality. They differ between gender, breed, and even individual cats.

Consider fostering some cats. Plenty of animal shelters could use help with care of the critters, and fostering allows you to enjoy a part time pet.

What sort of pets do you own? Do you consider them pets/familiars?

Feel free to post in comments, or write about them in your post and link below.


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