The Celtic New Year

highres_2171224Halloween/Samhain is the New Year, according to the Celtic calendar.

I remember teaching my son in homeschool about months and weeks when he was little, and how fascinating it was to discover the number of calendars we’ve had throughout history.

We measure a year by the earth rotating around the sun once. This is approximately 265 days, but its not exact. Even months, which stem from the moon phases, are 28 days but the months are 30-31 days (or 29 if it’s a Leap Year).

There were other calanders as well;

Hebrew Calendar

Julian Calendar

Among others.

You can also find differing numbers of a ‘week’ was, such as the 10-day of France in 1793. Or the Russian five day week, then a six day week, in 1929.

The Celtic Year started and ended on October 31st. I found after a number of years that whatever goals you set in the Celtic Year tends to work better. You basically accomplish all your goals by October 31st, giving you breathing room to enjoy the holiday celebrations, and the winter months, instead of pushing yourself to complete goals as you would in our usual January 31st New Year.

Having said that; consider what goals you hope to accomplish for the coming year. What seeds/goals do you hope to see will come to harvest? What steps will you take to accomplish them?

Plan now so on Samhain night, light a candle for each goal you want to come to pass. Visualize how to reach your goal, make it solid in your mind, and when you feel ready, blow out the candle to release the energy to the Universe.

Samhain is also a traditional time to start a Book of Shadows. I will be posting challenging and assignments, if you wish to use them.


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