Preparing for Winter

We are now officially into the ‘Dark Half’ of the year. Days grow considerably shorter, and darker, and I understand the winter will be a tough one this year.

If you haven’t already done so, consider winterizing your home and finish whatever preparations you haven’t completed.

Also consider how to stay busy and engaged in the dark months.

Prepare a winter emergency kit.

10 tips to winterize your car

Winterize your home (20 tips)

Stay warm with these tips.

Learn a new language.

Lose weight through diet and exercise.

Write and publish a book.

Explore a 3D chat world at Secondlife or Activeworlds.

Learn a new craft or hobby.


First Book of Shadows Assignment: Decide on the goals you’ve set for yourself, and take ten minutes to ‘freewrite’ ideas and thoughts. Freewriting means to write, non-stop, with a timer. Don’t worry about spelling, punctuation, or anything that will stop the flow of though. I’ve used this technique to work through problems, writing (talking) to myself and things get worked out.

The goal here is to formulate a plan to achieve those goals. Store this in  your Book of Shadows.

Feel free to post your own ideas, goals, and comments below.


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