The magick of threshold

A threshold of a home is the entranceway into your home. This is the portal that separates ‘home’ to everything else, the barrier between the big world outside to the place you call sanctuary.

I feel its of upmost importance to consider one’s home their castle and sacred space. Its not a place to welcome people you don’t like or bring negative energy. I do not invite solicitors or Bible thumpers into my house. They stay on the porch.

Magick for this area of the home often includes protection or spells to welcome elements you want to enter the house. Things like hope. love, prosperity, and peace are the most likely thing one wishes for.

Here are a few items you can make or do to welcome in good energies-

Create a guardian that sits just outside the door to protect your home. You can find a small statue or figure, (garden gnome or gargoyle make terrific gaurdians) even a scarecrow works where you infuse with energies you imbibe into it. Charge your guardian with emotion and give it a name (a magical name) to create an elemental.

Create a witch bottle. You can make a number of them for various purposes, but generally they are home protection. You bury them in the yard, or at the border of your home to another’s. You can also bury under your porch or near the front porch.

Here is a list of witch bottle spells

lanternsSet out lanterns. Lanterns can be easily made from mason jars or any old glass jar. Paint with glue and food coloring, glue on symbols, leaves, flowers, or beads and set on the front porch.

Create ribbon windcatchers. I’ve made one that hangs on my back patio, where I picked the colors to represent my needs, and infused them with Sandelwood oil. You can also stamp or write on ribbon for this project.

Here is a video on how to make a simple ribbon windcatcher.

Another tip CharmingPixieFlora mentions (in another video on her channel) is to use an old dish soap bottle (cleaned and rinsed) filled with rainwater and added with a bit of oil and/or Citrine, and you squirt the water in a pentacle our the back door and out the front door…for protection from a storm.

aaaaaaHang a pentacle on the door. You can always tell the neighbors it’s a star. Since the pentacle is a magical symbol of protection as well as representing earth, air, fire, water, and spirit. You can make it entirely out of grapevine or ivy, or you can use an embroidery hoop and use ribbon.

These are just a few ideas you can use for protecting your home.


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