Candles- Blow or snuff?

We lucked out today with mild weather, despite the threat of rain coming. I don’t mind overcast, just as long as it’s warm.

We celebrating my son’s 12th birthday today, with a massive Nerf battle in a Bingo hall. The kids had a wonderful time, and I was struck with the odd little traditions we use to celebrate birth.

We all know the familiar ‘blow-out-the-candles’ traditions, which is magick by itself. Wrapping up your thoughts and will and blowing out a candle is one of the basic spells a person can learn.

We often have cupcakes instead of a birthday cake, and I will let all the guests at the party light a candle to make a wish too. The little kids thinks this is awesome, and it prevents them from blowing out my son’s cake as well.

I’ve heard the argument that we should snuff the candle out, to honor the element of fire. I don’t think elementals get so easily offended, and with the simple prayer of thanks and farewell, I’ve never had any issues with fire getting offended.

To each their own, I suppose. I think any tradition should be questioned and meditated on to consider what the meaning of thought and deed means for each of us. The simple act of blowing out a candle offers a moment of deeper meaning if you take the moment to appreciate the heat and light, and blow out the light with the same appreciation.

What are your thoughts? Do you blow them out? Snuff them?

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One response to “Candles- Blow or snuff?

  1. I blow them out, and snuff when the candle is being stubborn and I can’t leave it unattended.

    I’ve also never had an issue with blowing out candles, and often have a parting wish as I blow them out.

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