Gratitude is very much a part of spirituality. Taking a moment out of your day, or making it a regular practice to appreciate things in your life through ritual, lends to a general sense of well being and happiness.

Studies show this as true, and there are many ways in which you can practice daily gratitude:

  • Use the phrase ‘thank you’ frequently. This means if someone does a favor, even if its something expected, thank them for the effort. It costs you nothing, helps boost good cheer, and reminds us to be grateful of the actions of others that help make our lives easier (when my son thanks me for washing dishes, doing laundry, or just helping him, it makes me feel so much better knowing I’m appreciated).
  • If you journal remember to add a list of things you’re grateful for each day. Even things you might take for granted deserve to be added to a list such as ‘I’m grateful of the seasons changing’ or ‘I’m grateful for my son’s great sense of humor”.
  • Remember to give thanks after ritual. Its important to take a moment to thank the spirits/energies you’ve invoked who shared energy/power with you. I try to be specific as to why I’m grateful, such as “Thank you element of fire for your light and warmth’ or “I’m thankful for the Goddess and the many lessons she teaches me in so many ways”.
  • Use gratitude as a tool when you’re in trouble. If you’re facing hardship, take a moment to be thankful for that hardship, for the experience to strengthen and teach you to be a better person.

What things are you grateful for?

Book of Shadows assignment: For the next week or so, add to your journal daily gratitude of the things in your life.  After the week, jot down how you feel, if you’re more mindful of things, or if you perceive any changes from this exercise.


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