Idols and graven images

I think most pagans will admit that whatever idols or statues set on their altars are not, in fact, worshipped as much as representing what we worship. So we don’t worship idols; we worship what the idols represent.

Do Christians worship a cross? No. They worship what the cross symbolizes as Christ’s sacrifice for his people. Buddha statues represent the peace, love, and compassion the Buddha taught his followers.

I never put statues on my altar. I use nothing but candles, or sometimes, I use a bowl of water. It represents, for me, the Goddess, with the reflection of water symbolizes that the Goddess is me, as I am the goddess. Its also good for divining, if I feel troubled.

Other representations can include seashells, antlers or horns, plants, stones, or just about anything that holds a meaning for your. But again, people don’t worship the objects, as much as the symbol to which it represents.

What symbols do you use?


4 responses to “Idols and graven images

  1. I am uncomfortable using statues or pictures on my altar to represent the Divine, I feel that it boxes in the Divine and puts limitations on who and what the Divine is. I like to use candles , the light as a symbol for them. Although I enjoy looking at altars that do use statues, I just have not found one that does not limit my idea of who they may be.
    blessings to ya

  2. I currently am using an Anubis statuette and a statuette that represents Hekate. From a Kemetic/Neo-Wiccan perspective, the importance of the statues is due to the fact that the God comes to reside in the statue. it is their resting place. It is not worshipping the statue per se but the God that comes to reside in it.

    The candles on the altar that I have are thus not representations of the Gods but rather are offering candles which I light during prayer offerings, spells and rituals.

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