Seasonal and spiritual changes


If anything the changing seasons teach us is that life is all about cycles and change. Things don’t stay the same.

You may find, from time to time, experiences will change your belief system. I’m very different from when I started my spiritual path as a child.

Things that impact beliefs;

Experiences offer insight into ourselves and the workings of the world. Some people lose faith, while others find faith. I went through a long time, years even, where I felt abandoned by the Goddess due to some bad experiences. I eventually found my way back, through meditation, questioning, and learning about other religions.

Learning provides lots of fresh ideas and practices. I found so much help from Buddhism and Taoism that helped shape and form my beliefs. Some of the teachings helped define the more obscure concepts, while providing new ideas to ponder and ‘realize’ in time.

Teachers take many forms, and not just formal teachers. Covens offer orthodox training, but you can find a teacher in any age, gender, or even religion along your spiritual path. Sometimes a pet can teach you something about yourself, or Life Experience. Take the lessons as they come. Even people you hate can teach you something about yourself.

Book of Shadows Assignment– Keep a page dedicated to the teachers you encounter along your spiritual path. Jot down notes on the lessons learned. This might end up as a section in your book, depending on the number of teachers you encounter, and the amount of learning you accept.


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