Shadows and Darkness

Depression is not fun. Water is also wet- yes, I know, I stated the obvious.  Depression is also not a constant, and one must ask the reasons that cause the depression in the first place.

I was in a chat room once, about depression, where so many folks were still enduring a bad depression, and they were still on meds. One claimed “Without the drugs I’m suicidal”, so depression is a downgrade from that, I suppose.

I’ve been there. I’ve been in the sickening pit of despair where you feel there’s no hope to ever get out. While people have many reasons to being depressed, I can only share what helped me get out of it;

Journaling. I noticed how often I ranted and focused on every single negative thing in my life. To change that, I’d stop myself, make a mark (like a squiggle) and start writing on something positive that happened that day. Even if it was stupid, or a memory, or thoughts on being happy. The idea here is to change your brain from focusing on the negative, to finding the positive.

=Removing the negative people around me. I learned to say ‘no’, and to stand firm on refusing to be friends with assholes, or even hang out with family members who used me. I kept only positive people, who liked me for me. I must add, however, I also don’t share every single thing with people anymore. I build barriers so I don’t get hurt.

Changing my diet. I read a book called Sugar Busters, and found some information on the Web about ‘sugar sensitivity’. I have so many of the symptoms so I started cutting WAY back on sugar and processed foods. For two weeks, I didn’t drink soda, coffee, juice with sugar, flour, white rice (brown rice is fine), or white bread (I hate whole grains instead). Going without sweets, when you’re depressed and all you want to do is narf down a pint of Ben and Jerry’s ain’t easy, but within two weeks I realized I FELT BETTER. Try it- it doesn’t cost a thing and takes only effort on your part.

Food plays a very important role to mood and how the brain functions.

Avoid stress. Sometimes you can’t, but I see removing or cutting down on stress as part of my ‘therapy’ and essential to my own well being- so, damn it, people will just have to deal with it. This holiday season is much improved by this action.

-A change in attitude. I realized a few truths;

  • Fear, anger, and other negative emotion will never go away completely. Its part of being human. You have to find ways to work through them, rather than avoid them.
  • Expectations causes a lot of our suffering. Ask yourself if you’re disappointed, what did you expect in the first place and why? Naturally, we expect friends to treat us well, but they are also dealing with their own stuff. Sometimes things go wrong. Sometimes things go wrong and works out for the better. A change in attitude can make a world of difference.
  • Change doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time- longer if your issues are deeply imbedded, but don’t see a lack of change as a setback as much as a need to try something else.

I hope all is well this season and find their happiness.

Book of Shadows Assignment: Journal in your BOS, but avoid any negative thinking. You could also start a journal specific to happier, healthier thinking by adding what you’re grateful for, quotes that inspire, paste pictures or article that are profound, and see how you feel in a few weeks doing this activity.



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